Dear Yogasana sangha,

As of December 1, 2017, Yogasana Center is closed.

Yogasana’s building was sold and the new landlord has taken over the whole building to create a fertility clinic. After 14 years in business, it is heartbreaking, and at the same time exciting. I feel freed up to re-envision Yogasana and start anew. My dear friend, Eli McAfee and I have gone in together on a shared teaching space — 100 Smith, on Smith Street between Atlantic Ave. and Pacific Street. We don’t intend for it to be Yogasana, but a shared teaching space for ALL the brilliant Yoga, and movement educators and bodyworkers who are passionate about their work and unable to have a space of their own. Many of Yogasana's teachers will be teaching classes there as well.

We're aiming for opening mid-January 2018.

Will Yogasana continue on? Not exactly. Yogasana will no longer be a stand alone yoga studio. Yogasana will no longer be an entity offering daily classes.

I hope to continue Yogasana’s name and tradition through advanced studies and teacher training courses in the lineage of the Yoga Room in Berkeley, California and Donald Moyer.

I hope that Yogasana as a community will continue on. I referred to us as the Yogasana “sangha”. In Buddhism “sangha” means community. It refers to a group of people who together are practicing in a good and upright manner. That is us. That is Yogasana. We are a unique yoga community where many friendships have blossomed. In any class you went to there was a feeling of support, camaraderie, and encouragement. Yogasana’s sangha is something special. This is what I want to carry on. I hope you all with stick with me as Yogasana re-invents itself at 100 Smith and beyond.

Keep in touch with your favorite Yogasana teachers:

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The New Space - 100 Smith

100 Smith, co-owned by Kristen Davis and Eli McAfee, is a shared teaching space for Yoga, Yamuna Bodyrolling, Alexander Technique, movement education and bodywork of all varieties. It’s the new home for Yogasana’s teachers and community. 100 Smith is at 100 Smith street between Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Street, on the second floor above Brooklyn Industries.

Schedule of Group Classes at 100 Smith:

9:30-11AM Level 1 Julie Brandwein
6:00-7:30PM Level 1 Martha Garvey
7:45-8:45PM Postpartum Therapeutics Amy Baumgarten

9:30-11:30AM Levels 2&3 Kristen Davis
11:45AM-1:15PM Level 1 Kristen Davis
4:30-6PM The Practice of Skillful Ease in Yogasana Shokuchi Deirdre Carrigan
7-8:30PM Level 2 Martha Garvey

Morning TBD Yamuna Bodyrolling & Foot Fitness Eli McAfee
7-8:30PM Levels 1&2 Witold Fitz-Simon

9:30-11:30AM Level 2 Kristen Davis
12:15-1:30PM The Practice of Samadhi in Yoga & Zen Shokuchi Deirdre Carrigan
7:30-9:00PM Beginner Back Care Frank Ricci

9:30-11:00AM Level 1 Frank Ricci
11:30-1:00PM Level 2 Julie Brandwein
5:00-7:00PM Level 3 Kristen Davis
7:15-8:45PM Restorative Kristen Davis

8:30-10:00AM Mixed Levels Frank Ricci

10:00-11:30AM Level 1 Witold Fitz-Simon
12:00-1:30PM Levels 2&3 Witold Fitz-Simon

These classes will require pre-registration, so please contact the teacher for more information and to sign up.

100 Smith Teachers Contact Information:

Amy Baumgarten -
Julie Brandwein -
Shokuchi Deirdre Carrigan -
Kristen Davis -
Witold Fitz-Simon -
Martha Garvey -
Frank Ricci -