Level 1 (Beginner)

For students new to yoga, or new to the Yogasana. Establishes the foundation of yoga practice – covering basic principles of alignment and muscular action and inhibition. Introduces standing poses, fundamental seated poses, and shoulderstand.

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Level 2 (Intermediate)

For students well-practiced in Level I postures. Focuses on deepening and expanding the fundamentals. Concentrates on establishing inverted poses (headstand and handstand). Explores core strength & organization, and unsupported backbends.​

Level 3 (Advanced)

For students with a solid, working knowledge of the postures and ability to hold a 5-minute headstand. Requires proficiency with timed inversions and unsupported backbends. Complements depth of study with advanced poses.


Combines Alexander Technique and  yoga for deep release, relief of stress. Mixed levels; not appropriate for new beginners. Uses props to support the body and soothe the nervous system. Stimulates and rejuvenates the body and mind.

Back Care

For students of all levels with chronic back pain or asymmetry. Teaches students how to use yoga to address chronic pain.  Personal attention helps students understand their personal alignment issues.


Focused on students who are in the earlier stages of working with yoga to address back issues.

All Levels

Open to all levels of yoga experience; the teacher will adapt the instruction to each students’ needs.


Gentle yoga is a personalized and safe yoga class for individuals who might not feel that a standard yoga class will fit their needs. The small class size and therapeutic approach allows for a focus on alignment and increasing overall strength and flexibility. The class will incorporate chairs, breathing techniques, and modified yoga nidra to gain increased postural awareness, vitality and a deep sense of relaxation.

Yamuna Foot Fitness

Yamuna Zake developed Foot Fitness over 15 years, and Eli is one of two people in NYC that Yamuna has certified to teach this work. This half hour class will utilize both bumpy and smooth dome-shaped props that will realign the foot, lift the arch, lengthen and strengthen the toes and improve articulation through the entire foot.

Yogasana Center offers daily “drop-in” classes, meaning you can just show up for the class and pay at the time; no pre-registration necessary. All of our drop-in classes are marked with their respective level. We use a level system to refer to depth of understanding and experience. It describes the level of intensity that students can expect, and it assures that each student is able to work safely and effectively in an appropriately-paced class. Classes marked Levels 1 & 2 and Levels 2 & 3 are open to students of either level. The teachers will make necessary accommodations appropriate to each student’s level. Classes marked All Levels are for everyone; they focus on basic poses with an emphasis on spinal issues in the Back Care Class. Classes marked Mixed Levels require some knowledge of yoga & the use of props and therefore are not appropriate for new beginners. We recommend 2 months of experience or the teacher’s permission before coming to a mixed levels class.​