Series & Workshops

One Day Workshop with Australian teacher, Simone Inns

Saturday, April 29

9AM–Noon – $75  

2:30PM–4:30PM – $50

$100 for the full day

My aim is that the student discovers themselves through this wonderful practice of Iyengar Yoga in a stress free environment. The calmness, joy, self love and intelligence I see in the growth of students keeps me humble and I am forever grateful to anyone that attends a class. 

Simone Inns is the principal teacher, owner and founder of Chevron Yoga Centre, Gold Coast Australia.  Involved with yoga since 1994, Simone is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and holds her Intermediate Level. Simone teaches regular classes, workshops and intensives. Since 2009 she has been teaching retreats overseas in Nepal, Cambodia and Vietnam where she teaches a wide range of students from teachers to the Beginner student.  Simone has been invited and taught at a variety of Australian Festivals, speaker for ‘Helping Women in the Workplace’ and interviewed in various Australian Publications. Every two years, Simone travels to Pune India to the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute to study directly under the Iyengars. She is also committed to attending regular workshops and conventions and is actively involved in attending regular assessments. 

Simone also has qualifications in Health and Nutrition, Social Welfare, Anatomy and Physiology and Business.

Simone is a partner, mother to two beautiful children, loves her animals especially the time with her horses, surfs and bush walks in her spare time.

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Fix Your Feet:

Yamuna Foot Fitness Basics

with Eli McAfee

Saturday, May 13



The feet get very little love for all the punishment they take (pedicures and foot rubs don’t count), and eventually, the whole body will pay the price. Back, hip, shoulder, even neck pain can start with your feet as those joints try to compensate for poor foot function, improper alignment and dysfunctional walking patterns. 

The Yamuna Foot Fitness® program is a simple, easy to use system that educates you on proper foot function, and how to identify and correct common foot problems. During this two hour workshop you will learn routines to raise your arches, realign your ankles, and avoid future foot problems.

It’s never too late – start today.

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Yogasana Summer Intensive

with Witold Fitz-Simon and Kristen Davis

Monday, June 19 – Saturday, June 24

9-12pm – $65

2:30-4:30pm – $45

$550 for the entire intensive

Our 6-day intensive offers a unique opportunity to embrace your practice in a profound and challenging way. With our combination of Iyengar-style Yoga and the Alexander Technique, we bring a keen sensitivity to the interplay of mind and body. This allows us to quickly dive deep into the subtlety of alignment. With creativity and light heartedness, we look to uncover the universal truths of how we function as a whole. Through this lens, we’ll be addressing your individual needs and issues, and refining the asanas to facilitate fluidity and ease.

We will alternate teaching. The morning classes will be more vigorous, focusing on standing poses, variations in inversions, backbends and arm balances. The afternoons will have a slower pace with gentler, quieter poses, such as forward bends and hip-openers, along with restoratives and pranayama.

“Take the intensive, not because you’ll do a lot of challenging asana (you will!), nor because you’ll deeply relax (you’ll do that, too!), but because your body will lead you to places you never thought your mind could go. Physical organization begets mental organization in an endlessly deepening cycle. I have a much richer sense of my potential as a practitioner and as a human being.”

You can register for the full intensive by clicking the Pay Now button below. If you’d like to take just single mornings or afternoons email or  call 718-789-7255 to register.