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Practice for a Pain-Free Sacrum

with Flo Lunn

Monday, July 10


$25 or use your class card

On a visit to Paris Flo Lunn took a class with former Yogasana teacher, Lou Asselin .  Lou had mentioned a wonderful practice for sacrum pain and generously taught it in her class for Flo to bring back to the Yogasana community!

The two hour workshop will be spent exploring and holding variations of Supta Padanghustasana. This sequence will challenge your concentration and effort allowing for a deep exploration of a cornerstone set of poses.

I recommend this workshop for people with sacrum and sacro/iliac issues who have a considered practice. It is challenging to hold these poses for an extended time allowing you to meet your edge over and over.

It is a brilliant sequence which speaks directly to the scientific aspects of yoga.

Join Flo!

Flo Lunn has been practicing yoga at Yogasana since it opened and more seriously since 2007. Yoga became inevitable as her life took on a new path, recovering from addiction. Flo looks at yoga as a foundational practice for a life more embodied, a place where one can practice pausing before reacting.
Flo graduated from the Yogasana Teacher Training in 2012 and has been teaching ever since.