Series & Workshops

Dynamic Oppositions: Yoga Immersion Weekend 

with Flo Lunn and Frank Ricci

Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24



In yoga as in life we are continuously in opposition.  Within life, yin and yang, this and that, positive and negative…in yoga we look at body parts in opposition to each other. They both have in common a relationship.  One aspect of thought or body cannot exist without another aspect.

Flo will teach Saturday morning. Influenced by Zen and Alexander Technique, she will look at the mind and body as a whole. Complementing this approach, On Sunday morning, Frank will continue the movement phrase begun on Saturday to explore the pose pincha mayurasana (forearm-stand) and its specific oppositional actions.

Come join us for a dynamic workshop of all categories of yogasana that will create spaciousness and a settled mind. A great way to start the fall!

Please just show up to the studio for the session(s) you wish to take.

The Architecture of the Body

with Julie Brandwein and Neta Katz

Saturday, October 21

9-12pm and 2-4pm 


The structural integrity of the body can be held akin to the discipline of architecture. In this full day workshop we will investigate the relationship between architecture and asana. You will discover how an architectural approach toward asana can have many valuable benefits, including improved posture, efficiency in movement, and a deepening sense of harmony and space. The workshop will include standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, and restorative postures. These poses will be organized and constructed with precision, applying the following architectural concepts:

– site (where am I?)

– foundation

– surfaces

– inside/outside

– space- movement/resonance/breath

Come join us for a full day, as we offer this unique paradigm geared towards better understanding asana, and our bodies. Then take this model with you and apply it to your ongoing practice. Our own exploration of the subject has demonstrated that the “architecture of the body” approach will continue yielding insight and clarity.

About Julie Brandwein and Neta Katz:

About 15 years ago Julie and Neta began a shared weekly practice. They meet every week to work, refine, explore, play, question, and share their experience in Yoga, and in teaching. It’s an incredibly fruitful collaboration! Especially since they inform their Iyengar Yoga practice, with their other interests and professional experience.

In addition to Yoga, Julie brings her expertise from Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Spacial Dynamics, and Pilates. Neta, in addition to Yoga, shares her understanding of structure and space from the perspective of Architecture, her experiences in human dissection, massage therapy, and philosophy studies. Together Neta and Julie have a combined teaching experience of over 40 years!

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“Lat” It Go Already

Yamuna Bodyrolling

with Eli McAfee

Saturday, October 14



Shoulder pain and restriction?

Tight lower back?

Just “lat” it go already!

Yes, “lat” as in your latissimus dorsi, the largest muscle in your back that just happens to connect your upper arm all the way down each side of your spine to your pelvis.  Let that sink in for a bit or better yet let a Gold Yamuna ball sink into your lat for a bit and feel the transformation to your posture and gait once the muscle is released to its full length and power.

In this workshop we’ll explore Yamuna Zake’s newest work on rolling out the latissimus and back body on the diagonals.

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