Series & Workshops

Summer Monday Night Specials

Weekly one-off workshops to deepen your practice by exploring a specific subject or aspect of asana

Practice for a Pain-Free Sacrum

with Flo Lunn

Monday, July 10


$25 or use your class card

On a visit to Paris Flo Lunn took a class with former Yogasana teacher, Lou Asselin. Lou had mentioned a wonderful practice for sacrum pain and generously taught it in her class for Flo to bring back to the Yogasana community!

The two hour workshop will be spent exploring and holding variations of Supta Padanghustasana. This sequence will challenge your concentration and effort allowing for a deep exploration of a cornerstone set of poses.

I recommend this workshop for people with sacrum and sacro/iliac issues who have a considered practice. It is challenging to hold these poses for an extended time allowing you to meet your edge over and over.

It is a brilliant sequence which speaks directly to the scientific aspects of yoga.

Join Flo!

Flo Lunn has been practicing yoga at Yogasana since it opened and more seriously since 2007. Yoga became inevitable as her life took on a new path, recovering from addiction. Flo looks at yoga as a foundational practice for a life more embodied, a place where one can practice pausing before reacting.
Flo graduated from the Yogasana Teacher Training in 2012 and has been teaching ever since.

B.Y.O.B. = Bring Your Own Bunion

Yamuna Foot Fitness with Eli McAfee

Monday, July 17


$25 or use your class card

Bunions, whether you’ve got them, are getting them, or want to avoid them altogether this “Monday Night Special” is for you.  Bunions don’t happen overnight, they occur after prolonged misuse of the big toe joint.  Any one or combination of over pronation, fallen arches, shoes with a heel or pointed toe shoes will comprise the alignment of the foot causing the overall structure to break down resulting in a bunion.  

And let’s not forget about gait.  When you walk do your feet point straight ahead? Or do they angle out to each side a bit, forcing the first metatarsal and big toe to take all the pressure as walk or stand?  This excessive pressure on the big toe causes it to deviate laterally towards the other non-functioning toes resulting in a bunion.

Come learn exercises to lengthen and relax areas around the bunion and then strengthen and  re-establish function with support across the entire foot.  With your weight evenly distributed across all five metatarsals and toes the relief will be amazing.

Inner Wisdom Throughout the Month: Yoga & Your Menstrual Cycle

with Kristen Davis

Monday, July 24


$25 or use your class card

Our personal yoga practice can be a place to tune into our cyclic nature, the menstrual cycle being the strongest and most obvious of these cycles. Our practice can ebb and flow according to what’s happening physiologically, and we can learn to intuit what will best support the mind and body at the different phases of the menstrual cycle.

This workshop will cover the anatomy and biology of the menstrual cycle and what poses are best practiced when. Mostly, this workshop will encourage each woman to deepen their connection to their own inner knowing and to think and live differently with their cycles.

Kristen Davis is the founder and director of Yogasana Center. She is both a certified Alexander Technique teacher and a certified yoga teacher coming out of Donald Moyer and the Yoga Room Berkeley’s lineage of Iyengar Yoga. She has been teaching for nearly twenty years. Kristen helps her students use yoga as a framework to challenge their perceptions and conditioning, and become more present and embodied. She is also a committed practitioner of Zen Buddhism and a member of the Brooklyn Zen Center sangha.

Tools to Sharpen Your Standing Poses

with Frank Ricci

Monday, July 31


$25 or use your class card

Too often the use of props can be limited by our own egos. We have the idea that we’re not doing the “real” pose, or that the prop is a crutch. The truth is that very often props are used to make a pose more challenging. They don’t let you cheat; you can’t work in your habitual way. The prop forces you to find a way that is better aligned and freer. Isn’t that really what yoga is about?

In this workshop we will explore standing poses by experimenting with different prop set ups. Using props such as the ropes, chairs, blocks and belts as tools and guides to delve deeper into our standing pose practice.

In 2010 Frank Ricci started teaching, Frank is certified by The Yogasana Center of Yoga in Brooklyn, New York. He studies regularly with mentors, and has also had the pleasure and privilege of studying with great Iyengar teachers, as well as a five week stint studying Iyengar Yoga in India. His teaching draws influence from modalities such as Alexander Technique as well as Yoga creating a unique teaching style that is compassionate, encouraging and challenging, allowing his students to reach their fullest potential in a non-aggressive way.

Your “Inner-net”: Exploring Fascial Connections in Yogasana 

with Julie Brandwein

Monday, August 7


$25 or use your class card


Our yoga practice gives us an opportunity to explore our Selves in movement and in stillness. At the simplest level, when we hold a pose or when we transition from one asana to another, we are accessing deeper layers of our ability to move our inner space. Often seemingly incongruent parts of our structure are brought into relationship and interaction with each other, held together through the amazing fascial network.

Fascia could be described as the fabric of form. It is an interweaving and all encompassing web of connective tissue that encompasses every inch of us, creating an “inner-net” of connection and communication.

In this 2 hour workshop, we will playfully get familiar with this inner guidance system, exploring the vast and subtle terrain of our inner-net in various asanas and movement. You will leave with a new way to approach and think about how to move the space within.

12 Poses for Daily Practice & Bone Density

with Dana Guyet

Monday, August 14


$25 or use your class card

This Monday Night Special, Dana returns to teach a sequence of 12 yoga poses that have shown to positively impact bone health. The focus will be on helping students develop confidence with this sequence so that they can make it a regular home practice.

The benefits of this practice are not just in the potential of direct improvement to bone density but also the indirect benefits of increased muscle strength, which provides support to the bones, and therefore reduces the potential for injury.

The workshop will be a review and a time to ask questions for those who already have this as a home practice, and an introduction to the sequence for those new to it. Learn the basics of how to do the 12 poses, or fine-tune your practice of them with different variations or prop set-ups that best suit you. This can be a 15 minute practice, or Dana can help you develop it into a longer more in-depth practice.

Find Inner Calm and Stability with Pranayama, the Yoga Practice of Breathing

with Witold Fitz-Simon

Monday, August 21


$25 or use your class card


Breath is fundamental to life and is the first thing that can be compromised by stress, bad posture or pain. In this workshop, you will discover new ways to think about breath that can free up anxiety and create ease. This will be a relaxing, gentle practice using restorative poses to free up the body and calm the mind to create room for breath.
Witold Fitz-Simon, AmSAT, E-RYT 500, has been a student of yoga since 1993, and of the Alexander Technique since 2007. He is certified to teach yoga at the 500-hour level as a graduate of the Yoga Room, Berkeley’s Advanced Studies Program under Donald Moyer and Mary Lou Weprin, and the Alexander Technique as a graduate of ACAT’s teacher training program. Witold combines his extensive knowledge of embodied anatomy and developmental movement into intelligent and practical instruction designed to help his students free themselves of ineffective and damaging habits of body, mind and being.