yogasana kids

Yogasana Kids with Shae Wright

Sundays 4-5:30pm


unnamed (1)Each class will honor a theme, with themes changing subtly each month. Every class will begin with physical body awareness through creative and structured play.  From physical practice we will move into a meditation practice followed by a connection practice of art and creativity. Connection practice is simply the practice of recognizing our similarities and connections with the other living things on this planet so that we can make decisions that come from a place of balance and sustainability.

It is my hope that through these practices, this generation will be one of harmony. That we will honor our place in the world; that we will value ourselves, and one another, over material things and statuses; that our children will be able to raise their kids on a planet that still has elephants and wild flowers. Namaste.

-Shae Wright


About the Teacher


Shae Wright has worked successfully with children for over 15 years. From a popular neighborhood babysitter to summer camp counselor to Corporate Wellness Coordinator to now summer camp/daycare owner, she has perfected the art of cultivating a strong foundation. It was during her years as a Corporate Wellness Coordinator for USANA Health Sciences that she realized her efforts and talent were best focused on children, so from Salt Lake City she migrated east, where she felt her skills would be most valuable. With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise and Sport Science, a Yoga Teacher 200 Hour Certificate and Yoga Therapy training she has created a simplified way of teaching the complicated art of yoga to young minds.